~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt from the Guide to Platinum Palladium Photographic Printmaking by Jeffrey D. Mathias ~~~~~~~~~
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created October 1999, updated January 2001, updated April 2005

Metal Solution Formula Calculator
For the entries on left, this will calculate and display on the right values based on
a one-to-one relationship of metal double salt to sensitizer as given by the Process Equations.
NOTE: Getting the best optimized formula is a mater of getting enough active metal compounds in the coating.
This involves the technique, tools, materials, processing and ambient conditions.
Select the sensitizer to be used,
To be used with a sensitizer solution of:
  <  enter the sensitizer concentration in %
             (see the FO Sensitizer Solution Formula Calculator),
 Weigh out the following material: 
 <  select a metal double salt,
 <  enter the volume to make,
add H2O to make  ml  
  This makes a % solution.